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El uso de la mascarilla es obligatorio en todo momento, a la entrada, salida y durante el espectáculo.

A la entrada será obligatorio lavarse las manos con gel hidroalcohólico que se pondrá a disposición de todo el público.

Respete la distancia de seguridad y siga las indicaciones del personal de sala para el acceso y salida del edificio.

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DALI – Data Learning and Inference

DALI – Data Learning and Inference

Sala de reuniones

3-6 de septiembre

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The idea of DALI is to combine the special qualities of the former Snowbird meetings (intimate atmosphere, very good people, plenty of time to interact) with attractive aspects of larger conferences that rarely take place in Europe. We use a three day format with two days of workshops, and one day of plenary talks in the middle, including a poster session. We pick a location that limits jet lag and/or travel times for many of us who normally travel to meetings in the US. The workshops feature research topics of current interest, and workshop participants are nominated by the workshop organizers. DALI is small and (geographically) biased towards European researchers; and participation is by invitation.

DALI 2015-2018 were right after Easter, this year there are two DALI meetings. We met in George, South Africa in January. The next meeting is in the beginning of September.

DALI 2019 will take place in San Sebastian, Spain from Tuesday September, 3 2019 to Thursday September, 5 2019.


This event is sponsored and co-organized by
Max-Planck-ETH Center for Learning Systems


General Chairs: Neil D. Lawrence, Amazon and University of Sheffield, Bernhard Schölkopf, MPI for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen) and Amazon

Scientific Coordinators: Matthias Hohmann, MPI for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen)

Organization Assistants

Julia Braun, MPI for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen),
Maria Püschel, MPI for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen)

DALI Steering Committee

Zoubin Ghaharamani, University of Cambridge and Uber, Thomas Hofmann, ETH Zurich, Neil D. Lawrence, Amazon and University of Sheffield, Bernhard Schölkopf, MPI for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen)

DALI - Data Learning and Inference

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