Security measures against covid-19


The use of masks is mandatory at all times, at the entrance, exit and during the show.

At the entrance it will be mandatory to wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel that will be made available to the public.

Respect the safety distance and follow the instructions of the staff to enter and exit the building.

Attend the event well in advance to avoid congestion.

Los asistentes deben permanecer sentados en sus butacas durante todo el espectáculo.

“La pasión según San Mateo”, Bach

“La pasión según San Mateo”, Bach

Auditorium Kursaal

April 2022
Monday 04, 19:30

55 / 44 / 35 / 28 / 11 €

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This main piece in the history of Baroque music presents the suffering and death of the Christ according to the Gospel of St. Matthew: text and music, allegiance to the Gospel, elevated poetic creation, devotion… all are reunited in such a way only Bach was capable of.

Il Gardellino Baroque Orchestra

Vocalconsort Berlin

Easo Eskolania

Marcus Creed, zuzendaria

Jakob Pilgram, Julia Doyle, Clint van der Linde, Thomas Hobbs, Benoit Arnould, Klaus Mertens, bakarlariak


Asociated enterprise

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