Security measures against covid-19


The use of masks is mandatory at all times, at the entrance, exit and during the show.

At the entrance it will be mandatory to wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel that will be made available to the public.

Respect the safety distance and follow the instructions of the staff to enter and exit the building.

Attend the event well in advance to avoid congestion.

Los asistentes deben permanecer sentados en sus butacas durante todo el espectáculo.


Amaral (10/19)

Amaral (10/19)

Kursaal Auditorium

November 2020
Thursday 19, 20:00

45 €

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<30 <30 MIN/ 3€

Tickets at 3€ for under 30, 30 minutes before the show starts. Unemployed persons will be eligible for this promotion. This option is conditioned to availability of seats at the box office and to previous identification. Option not valid forMusic in Family concerts.


“A dive into an ocean of sound colors where zestfully coexist wood and metal, core and bark, body, soul and joy of living.” This is how Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre, founders of Amaral, describe “Salto al color”, the eighth record of this band from Zaragoza. The new songs of Amaral will sound alongside with songs from all their previous works that are already a milestone in the history of music in Spanish.



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