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The use of masks is mandatory at all times, at the entrance, exit and during the show.

At the entrance it will be mandatory to wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel that will be made available to the public.

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Attend the event well in advance to avoid congestion.

Los asistentes deben permanecer sentados en sus butacas durante todo el espectáculo.

57 Jazzaldia / Iggy Pop

57 Jazzaldia / Iggy Pop

Auditorium Kursaal

July 2022
Saturday 23, 18:30

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Iggy Pop is a unique musician, with a larger-than-life personality and a career as long as it is packed with unforgettable anthems and moments. A forerunner of punk, with one of the most outrageous stage antics and setups of all time, provocative, innovative and a creator of genres, Iggy is one of the most influential music artists to come out of the last 5 decades, an icon, a legend.

Iggy Pop started playing drums with different high school bands in his native Muskegon (Michigan, USA) and took his artistic name, Iggy, the Iguana, from one of those groups, going by the name of the Iguanas. With an interest in blues and a follower of groups like the Sonics, MC5 and the Doors, Iggy Pop, by now as a singer and frontman, released three albums with the Stooges between 1969 and 1973. The three LPs include songs such as “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, “1969”, “No Fun”, ”Down on the Street” and “Gimme Danger”…. The Stooges returned to the stage almost 30 years later, recorded another two albums, by then in the 21st century, and were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

The end of the Stooges first stint and the start of Iggy Pop’s solo career were marked by his drug problems and by his artistic relationship and friendship with David Bowie. Together, Iggy and David battled their respective addictions and, together, they wrote and produced Iggy’s first two solo albums.

In the course of his career, Iggy has released 18 solo albums, including the hugely popular and influential “The Passenger”, “Lust For Life”, “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”, “Candy”…

Iggy, who has never stopped creating music, has brought out two albums in recent years: “Post Pop Depression” (2016), written in collaboration with Josh Homme, leader of the Queens of the Stone Age; and “Free” (2019), a more reflexive offering in which he explores genres closer to Jazz.

Iggy, the Iguana, the Godfather of Punk, who will have turned 75 by the time he plays at the 57th Jazzaldia, remains a restless and creative artist, a musician with an extraordinary career and whose live performances never fail to surprise.


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