CFAH 56 Jazzaldia / 56 Jazzaldia / Sílvia Pérez Cruz: Farsa Circus Band - Kursaal Donostia - San Sebastián Kursaal Donostia – San Sebastián

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The use of masks is mandatory at all times, at the entrance, exit and during the show.

At the entrance it will be mandatory to wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel that will be made available to the public.

Respect the safety distance and follow the instructions of the staff to enter and exit the building.

Attend the event well in advance to avoid congestion.

Los asistentes deben permanecer sentados en sus butacas durante todo el espectáculo.


56 Jazzaldia / 56 Jazzaldia / Sílvia Pérez Cruz: Farsa Circus Band

56 Jazzaldia / 56 Jazzaldia / Sílvia Pérez Cruz: Farsa Circus Band

Kursaal Auditorium

July 2021
Sunday 25, 17:30

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Sílvia Pérez Cruz (vocals), Marco Mezquida (piano, keyboards), Aleix Tobías (percussion), Mario Mas (guitars), Bori Albero (double bass), Carlos Montfort (violin)

Sílvia Pérez Cruz is a unique artist. Since releasing her first album in 2012 she has continued to garner acclaim, evolving constantly, always following untrodden paths, with an astonishing capacity to tackle different styles while maintaining her unmistakable personal trademark, prodigious vocal register and natural stage charisma. Hers is unquestionably one of the most impressive voices to have appeared in recent times.

The singer, who grew up listening to songs from Spain and Latin America, started learning music at the age of 4, continuing her education in classical and Jazz music. She studied sol-fa, sax, piano, cajón, harmony, Jazz and flamenco singing, improvisation, arranging, composition… also graduating in Jazz Singing from the ESMUC. During her career she has worked with artists like Eliseo Parra, Lluís Lack, Gino Paoli, Stefano Bollani, Rocio Molina, Jorge Drexler, Hamilton de Holanda, Toquinho, Joan Manuel Serral, Javier Colina, Raül Refree…

Her last year’s concert with Marco Mezquida at the Kursaal was one of the highlights of the 55th Jazzaldia. This edition she returns with a new project based on her latest album, released in April 2020: Farsa (género imposible), a result of her exchanges with other artistic disciplines including theatre, cinema, dance, poetry, painting, photography and animated movies; the album also reflects the artist’s interest in the duality of what we reveal and what we really are, in how to survive the fragility of the soul, of intimacy, in these times when superficiality holds so much importance, when what you see can be confused with what you perceive.

Farsa Circus Band, the group created to present the album, is an ensemble of fabulous musicians from the same generation as Pérez Cruz, reunited again after several years during which each of them have followed their own individual paths.


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